Demo Reel Top 5 Mistakes That Are Costing You The Job (VFX / Design)

What it takes to make a successful demo reel – from the perspective of the employer, not the artist. A fresh look at what it takes to make a successful Demo Reel that will land you a job in the film, games and design. Regularly I see reels get thrown out because of simple mistakes that are artists overlook when making their reels.This is the insight of someone that reviews reels for a living and builds teams for movies, games and design projects. And, debunking some of the most common myths that artists are perhaps confused about when it comes to making a successful portfolio, show reel or demo reel. Whether for Film VFX (Maya, 3ds max, houdini, cinema 4d etc) or game development (unreal engine, unity, substance designer,) or design (After effects, photoshop, modo etc). Whatever area you work within, your reel is the most critical piece that you will use to showcase your work and hopefully land the job.

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