Topaz AI Gigapixel

Topaz has been knocking it out of the park with their applications of Machine Learning and AI to common image processing problems. My favorite is their AI Gigapixel which scales up images. This program simply works. It works better than Photoshop, better than it used to work, and better than it should. If you have ever found old smallish images from earlier in our career, or gotten sent images that are only medium resolution and you want to blow them up then this Topaz AI Gigapixel is for you. The program is $99 and there is a free trial version. I don’t know the team behind this program or much about how they developed it, but I use it a lot. It’s brilliant.

Gigapixel AI from Topaz. Left is Photoshop Blowup, Right is a Gigapixel, both from the center small picture. (click to expand)

The company now makes a range of similar AI tools such as Mask AI which I am only just starting to use and seems a tad less successful or automatic than the Gigapixel. One cannot help but feel that while much of this technology is aimed at still images, this type of powerful AI processing has to find its way into serious compositing packages for processing clips soon.

MaskAI which requires more user input.

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