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Visual effects are characters. Visual effects are essential elements. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

Program in Visual Effects

Duration: 18 Months

With the increasing VFX content in movies, there is an increased demand for people who can breathe life into the director's dream. Students become complete versatile performers as they go through entire process of Production, involving in-depth Creation, Clean Plate Generation and several other aspects. The curriculum is geared toward students who desire a career as a VFX artist in the field of media and entertainment. Students sometimes work directly on in-house projects. Set over a course of 18 months, the Program in Visual effects aims to develop your skills.

  • Photoshop
  • Aftereffects
  • Premiere Pro
  • Audition
  • Fusion
  • Mocha
  • Real Flow
  • PF Track
  • Nuke
  • 3DS Max
  • Mudbox
  • Fume FX
  • Compositor
  • Match Move Artist
  • FX Artist
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Clean-up Artist
  • BG Prep Artist
  • Video Editor
  • Pre -Viz Artist
  • Paint Artist
  • Digital Design
  • Introduction to photography
  • Cinematography
  • Layer Based Compositing
  • Node Based Compositing
  • 3D Design
  • Art of Rotoscopy
  • Clean Plate & wire Removal
  • Advanced Compositing
  • Rigid Body Simulations
  • Realistic Digital Environments
  • Set extension & CG Integration
  • Advanced partical effects
  • Match Moving
  • Stereoscopic Conversion