Extraction 2 at FuseFX..

FuseFX is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They are a part of Pitch Black, whose creative studios also include Folks VFX, Rising Sun Pictures, and El Ranchito. The group employs over 1,400 personnel across thirteen worldwide studio locations including LA, NY, Vancouver, Atlanta, Montréal, Toronto, Bogotá, Saguenay, Mumbai, Adelaide, Brisbane, Madrid & Barcelona. The group’s most recent work includes BarbieSilo, and Extraction 2 which was done at FuseFX in Atlanta.

The new film sees Chris Hemsworth back from the brink of death, as commando Tyler Rake. This time he is set on a dangerous mission to save a ruthless gangster’s imprisoned family.

Extraction 2’s was directed by Sam Hargrave, the production VFX supervisor was Bjoern Mayer and the production VFX producer was Magdalena Wolf. Michael Viera was the FuseFX VFX supervisor, on the second installment of the Netflix series which premiered in June.

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