Move AI releases Single-Camera Motion Capture App: Move One..

The Move.AI company makes an easy-to-use motion capture system using regular mobile phones. Using Move’s motion capture products, 3D animators and creators can capture high-quality motion data in any environment using phones and standard cameras. Move’s patented AI software extracts natural human motion from video using AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics.

Move AI has announced the official release of a single-camera motion capture app, Move One. After 12 weeks in beta, the app is now available to animators and creators looking to bring realistic human motion to their 3D characters. Move One provides high-quality, realistic motion data that you can capture anywhere using just an iPhone.

Move One features include:

  • Single person motion capture from one iPhone 8 model or above
  • 60fps FHD markerless motion capture
  • Portrait and landscape mode shooting options
  • Export motion data in formats such as FBX and USD
  • Move One Downloader – Google Chrome Extension allows users to download animation files from Move One in their web browser
  • Tiered subscriptions, including a free trial

“At its core, Move AI is a research company specializing in applied AI, mathematics, physics, and biomechanics,” says Dr. Nikos Zikos, VP of Science at Move AI. “Move One is the result of engaging deeply with the animator and creator community and directly addressing their needs. We heard the need for a single-camera motion capture solution and delivered a product that converts 2D video into high-quality 3D motion data from a single iPhone.”

Move One adds to Move’s existing product line, which includes Move Single-Camera API, Move Multi-Cam, and the Invisible markerless motion capture software real-time software which is supported by disguise. The launch of Move One stems from ongoing R&D efforts in product development at Move AI.

The integration of Invisible with the disguise platform aims to redefine real-time motion capture and remove the need for costly mocap suits.“When it comes to virtual characters and real-time effects, movement needs to be translated into data,” says disguise Chief Product and Technology Officer, Raed Al Tikriti. “Motion capture and recreation are key pieces of the puzzle. We want to make this technology as accessible and scalable as possible, enabling our community of partners to enhance shared experiences, entertainment and storytelling.”

Invisible integrates with the scalable processing capabilities of disguise hardware with the motion capture data directly integrated into creative workflows in the disguise Designer software.

Disguise’s RenderStream protocol allows for the transfer of skeleton data across the disguise – Unreal Engine rendering cluster, allowing for greater synchronicity of content and tracking data across the production workflow and the merging of the physical and virtual world. With this link, more creative and technical teams can experience high-fidelity real-time motion capture without experiencing common motion capture and graphics rendering challenges like latency, sensor drift, interference and extensive data cleanup, according to the company. The combined solution can be used to run:

  • Realistic shadow casting for talent on stage
  • Gesture-triggered 3D graphics and scene changes
  • Movement-triggered particle effects, such as smoke and fire
  • Digital characters in virtual productions and AR players in broadcasts
  • Avatars in metaverse experiences

The close links to disguise have raised rumors of a financial investment or corporate takeover, but we can confirm, “disguise is purely a distribution partner for Invisible, Move AI’s real-time markerless motion capture technology. We can confirm that this remains the case and disguise is not an investor and has not acquired Move AI.” Tino Millar, Co-founder, Move AI.

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